How to “Flip Your Glass” and turn a negative into a positive!

Did I forget anything?Hi.  Have you even been having a crappy day? I mean a really crappy day. One, where, if it could go wrong it did go wrong.  I was having one of those recently. This particular day starts off with my kids, (2nd and 4th grade girls) making me late for work. It then continues when a particularly hastily eaten breakfast sandwich, that will promptly take up residence in the love handle towers room number 413, decides to drip grease on my tie. A rough day at work followed by a rough evening with kids, ala lots of frustration and yelling, that then culminates with a generous helping of frustrated spouse due to my inability to relax and be happy.

Does this sound familiar? If it does, congratulations, you are normal. If the cause of you stress comes from something more serious like a death in the family, rising medical bills or not making enough money at work, then,  you are like an estimated 49% of the population that has experienced a “very stressful event” recently. But wait….49%….that’s like half of the people in this country?!? Exactly, pretty much everyone has stress in our daily lives and half of us have Big Time stress.

This stress, either normal or the aforementioned “Big Time”, can really do a number on us. According to recent studies, increased stress is linked to an increase in health problems like Diabetes and Alzheimer’s. These are big problems and should not go undiscussed. However, our concern here is something less obvious but much more pervasive. Pessimism.  We need to stop letting our lives get us down and start allowing our lives to charge us up! We need to learn how to Flip Our Glass!

We have all heard that age old question about the following image:Flip Your Glass


Is it half-full or is it half-empty?  More and more people these days are considering their glass to be half empty. This is something that has concerned me for a while and it is why I decided to do something about it. I have started this website as a way to help people combat the issues in their lives that drives them to believe that glass to be half empty.

Remember my bad day from earlier? Lets FlipTheGlass on that day.

  1.  My kids made me late for work. I have two beautiful, healthy daughters that I have been blessed with that will hopefully change my diapers for me when I am 80.
  2. Breakfast sandwich issues: I have enough money to afford food and nice clothes
  3. Rough day at work: I am gainfully employed
  4. Rough day at home at night: I have comfortable place to live and enjoy my family
  5. Spouse upset with me: God has seen fit to bless me with a wonderful spouse that can see things from a different perspective.

It’s that simple. We need to slow down and see life from a different perspective. We need to see the glass half full. Thank you for reading and please share with your friends.

Jonathan Pickett

Currently a Highschool Economics teacher and formerly a financial planner, retail banker and soccer coach. I have always been involved in coaching, teaching or some kind of job where communication is key. I also love to write and share my ideas when I am not chasing around my kids :)

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